Marcello and Silvio Scappaticci are 2 brothers who immigrated to the United States from a small mountain village outside Rome Italy in the Province of Frosinone. The unique relationship of the two brothers is that they have been able to succeed in a million-dollar business without ANY formal education, which is usually associated with such success. These two boys knew exactly what hard-work, dedication and a “whole lot of common sense” can do. In 1951, Marcello, at the age of 16 years old, left his 11year brother and family in Italy with $300.00 in his pocket, that his mother had borrowed, took a boat to America and began his venture into the construction business. In just 3 days he landed a job and 1 year later created Marcello Building Company a small business that constructed garages & room additions. Living very simply, Marcello was able to save enough money and send for his family to join him in Michigan. 

history brothersA few years later, Silvio joined his brother and Marcello Building Company became Marcello and Silvio Building Company. Soon this small business escalated into the development of residential apartment communities, commercial office buildings, retail strip malls and land development sales throughout Western Wayne Michigan. The Scappaticci Brothers value “Honesty and Fairness” and this has been inevitably present in their 40 years of business, not only to their customers but between themselves. 

This belief HAS TRULY been their essence of success. Marcello and Silvio have been recognized throughout their communities belonging to the Builders Association of Michigan, Small Business Association of Michigan, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, as well as co-chairing and sponsoring many events throughout Michigan with Angela Hospice, The Italian Club of Livonia, & the National Italian American Federation, and many other humanitarian and educational events.

Currently, Marcello and Silvio have created S&S Services Property Management Company, Inc. and remain managing and maintaining their properties as they continue to grow into the 2nd generation of Scappaticci’s. Upholding this belief of “Honesty and Fairness” is all part of the remarkable journey that will take S&S Services Management Company, Inc. well into the 21sst century. 

  S&S Services Property Management Company, Inc. is located at 40400 Ann Arbor Rd, Suite 100, Plymouth, MI 48170 Ph 734-451-5210 fax 734-451-5220 Web: www.ssleasing.com